Free Local SEO Audit Report

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In today’s digital marketplace, it’s crucial for any business to have local visibility to succeed. That’s why we’re offering you an exclusive Free Local SEO Report. It’s tailored to uncover the strengths and areas for improvement in your business’s online presence. 

With this comprehensive analysis, you’ll gain valuable insights into how your business performs in local search rankings and what steps you can take to climb to the top.

Unlock your business's potential with our free Local SEO Report.

Why Local SEO Matters for Your Business:

What's Included in Your Free Local SEO Report:

Discover where your business stands in local search engine results pages (SERPs) for key terms related to your industry and location.

Get an in-depth look at your GMB profile’s current state, including completeness, accuracy of information, and optimization for best practices.

Identify how your business is listed across crucial local directories and platforms. We’ll highlight inconsistencies that could be hurting your SEO performance.

Analyze your website’s optimization for local SEO, including on-page elements like NAP (name, address, phone number) information, local keywords integration, and meta tags optimization.

See how your local SEO efforts stack up against your top competitors. Understand what they’re doing right and how you can outperform them.

Based on our findings, we’ll provide you with actionable steps to improve your local SEO strategy. These tailored recommendations aim to boost your visibility, drive more local traffic to your website, and ultimately increase your customer base.

Enhanced Local SEO Presence

$575 per month

Small businesses aiming to significantly boost their local online visibility.

Local SEO Growth Accelerator

$750 per month

Growing small businesses aiming to solidify your online presence and reach.

Comprehensive Local SEO Leader

$1050 per month

Established small businesses looking for comprehensive local SEO and online dominance.

Basic Local SEO Starter

$375 per month

If you’re starting a small business or just getting your feet wet Bochi Web will help you with the initial groundwork for your local SEO.